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Here’s what you’ll find inside the new site:

All the information is laid out in six easy to understand modules:
Foundation & Bonus, Balance, Leverage, Arc, Speed, and Target (BLAST).

5 Keys to Distance Membership Menu


  • You can jump to any module at any time simply by clicking one of the links in the horizontal navigation bar (see actual screen shot below).
  • Once you are inside a module the vertical navigation box that pops up on the left hand side will make finding individual video and download pages a snap (see actual screen shot below)!
  • There is a short written explanation of each individual video letting you know what you’ll be watching and the key lessons (see actual screen shot below).
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  • You can also download the videos and convert them to a mobile format to play on iPhones, iPads, and other smart devices so you can take the drills with you to the range.
  • The new site is a big step forward in usability and user friendliness.  You can even set your own user name and password. Plus we’ve added the big benefit of more community interaction.

5 Keys to Distance: Membership Navigation Menu

Here’s why you should take advantage of this Upgrade opportunity now

More Valuable Content

The FULL COURSE – GOLD MEMBERSHIP has more than 43 new videos covering an amazing amount of information that will help your golf game. I’ll be adding more videos all the time.



More Interaction

The FULL COURSE – GOLD MEMBERSHIP will allow you to ask more questions about a variety of topics, plus you’ll be able to see the comments and questions from other golfers just like you, as well as my answers and advice. It’s an outstanding learning opportunity.





43+ Additional Instructional Videos and Drills
Better Interaction with Eric and other members.

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Upgrade your membership now for just $80.00.

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 Here’s what you get when you upgrade:

Get More Access to More World Class Instruction

  • You get complete access to every training module, every training video, every bonus video, every download, and access to every new video and podcast posted to the Online Training Course (new content added all the time)
  • You get access to more than 60 videos packed with detailed instruction (over 43 NEW videos and drills)
  • You’ll still will have a Free, Lifetime Membership in the exclusive 5 Keys Club, where you can interact with golfers just like you who are already adding distance to every club in their bag
  • You can download the drills, load them on your iPhone or iPad, and take them with you to the range! It’s the next best thing to having your coach right there with you!
  • You’ll be able to post questions and get answers on every single training video. PLUS you’ll pick up insights and tips from other golfers
  • I’ll send you an expanded series of personal emails to guide you through the course and keep you on track
  • You have my personal guarantee that your game will improve!

What are people saying…


When was the last time you used the word

to describe your drives?

“Eric – Man…….your system is really pretty amazing! Great progress in my case. Thanks!” – Carlos S.
“Good afternoon Eric, After several weeks of study and practice on the first section of BLAST. The results have been OUTSTANDING thus far… at age 73 my driver length ranged between 175 yards and 210 yards. Now with some extensive self-help training from you the distances are ranging from 220 yards to 255 yards. The 255 yd. distance was achieved after working on the BALANCE, LEVERAGE & ARC WIDTH drills…Thank you for your help. I almost resigned myself to play from the seniors tee or give up golf!” – Dick B.
“I received your book yesterday and have been reading it and highlighting ever since. I can’t practice outside because its 24 degrees and sleeting. However, I am doing some of the drills in the living room behind the couch! Your book, DVD, and interviews are awesome!! Just what I have been looking for a very long time. I can tell already that I need to build up some stabilizing muscles in my body. Thanks again for your dedicated research and sharing this incredible book with your fellow golfers” – Mike P.

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How Do You Know it will Work for You?

“Just want to tell you that I’ve been doing the drills for a few weeks now, up to the swing arc drills, and am noticing much improvement at the range. I can’t wait for the winter weather to finally break here in the northeast, and take it out to the course. Thanks for simplifying golf instruction for me!” – Rick P.

Tom B. & Matt B.

“Dear Eric — I’ve played golf for 35 years and have always been a good golfer, but never real long (drives @ 245 yard avg. — 260 if I really connected). I followed your program and did all the drills. I did it all without hitting balls for about 3 weeks. The first time I went out to play, I used the white tees like I normally used to. First hole is a short par 5 (only 485 from the white). I had 155 left on my second shot! One the ninth hole, a little downwind, I hit a really nice high baby fade off the tee. We couldn’t see where it went because it traveled so far. As we were going down the fairway the course marshal came driving up to us and said with a grin, “Okay, who’s the hot-shot driving the green?” It was a 335 yard par 4, and I was on the back of the green!

Since then I play from the blue tees. I’ve actually toned it down a bit. I now know I can pull out the 300+ drive if I need it, but usually I prefer a more controlled drive and now average about 280 off the tee. I’m hitting it longer at age 48 than I did in college (played in college at Northwestern), and my handicap is down to the low singles for the first time in years.

Matt B.

Here’s the really fun part. I have a 9 year old son who just got into golf last year. I had him do the drills together with me and this summer he cleaned up in the local junior golf program. He won his

first tournament by so much they moved him up to the 10 year old division. He was intimidated at first, but once he got his confidence, he won his last two tournaments and

then won the Tournament of Champions – the only 9 year old in the division. He was all grins. Last year he couldn’t carry a driver more than 70-80 yards. Now he hits it 160-170 on the fly. He was still the short hitter in the 10 year old group, but at least he could keep up with them!

So I’d like to thank you. I haven’t messed around with my golf swing too much over the years, but I have had to adjust a few things due to lower back problems and arthritis in the neck. The best thing your teaching did was gave me permission to turn my body and not try to do the X factor thing. That was the key for me. I haven’t had a sore back after playing golf all this summer and I’m hitting it farther. Both good things.” – Tom B. (and son Matt)

“I drove my ball 210 yards, one of my best, and still couldn’t get it past the sand trap. Rats! I said to the other three in my group — It looks like I’m getting too old to play this game. Maybe I should use the tee-box designed for old guys or just give it up. Earlier this year I was in South Carolina visiting my sister-in-law, who lives on a golf course, when I made that comment. That evening by accident I viewed Eric Jones impressive advertisement on my computer and contacted him. He sent me his course over the web; because after viewing his advertisement I made a decision to be serious, no excuses — my immediate goal was to connect with a 250 yard drive. Since the driving range was only a mile from our home I had new incentive to immediately use the tools and bring my dream to fruition.Eric’s course is broken up into 16 easy-to-follow sequential hassle free drills. His extraordinary/exceptional book is easy to understand filled with lasting solutions. After 1Ω months of building new habits on a daily basis I am now able to drive the ball 250 to 260 yards down the middle of the fairway. I’ve learned with continuous improvement that I can and will do better. My new goal is 280 yards!” – Barry A.
“Eric, Am doing as you say-have seen remarkable improvement in the past week. My balance, hip turn, leverage etc were out of wack. For a little old 75 yr old I hit a drive on 16 at Deer Ridge that went over 300 yds(blue tees) 200 yds from pin per sky caddy hit baffler over the green in two, thanks” – Klaus

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Every Part of Your Game Will Improve

“I watched the intro to ‘The 5 Keys to Distance’ and read the first 40 pages. Worked on the Happy Toes and Tight Ankles drills a little bit as well as your balance concepts. Just for grins I tried putting from the athletic position and WOW! What a difference that makes. The difference in feel was immediate. The putter swing feels like it’s isolated from the rest of the body. Certainly an unexpected, albeit pleasant, surprise! Thanks!…” – Forrest Frosty R.
“I recently purchased your instructional videos on Long Drive. They are the best golf teaching tool I have ever found. Your explanations of what to do and why are outstanding. I am a structural engineer and have a good understanding of the physics, mechanics and dynamics of the golf swing, so your explanations are especially meaningful to me.

I started playing golf at age 10 and quit at age 22 after my golf buddy (my Dad) died. On good days I shot in the mid 70s, so I was pretty respectable. After a 40 year hiatus, I started playing again last year. In my youth, I was always the kid that hit the long ball. If Long Drive competitions had been popular in those days I would have competed. I was one of the few that could honestly hit the ball more than 300 yards. Considering the archaic equipment we had then, that was a feat. At age 63, I am still reasonably fit and strong, and your instructional videos have increased my average distance per club by 15 to 30 yards…Thanks for excellent videos!…” – Barry

“Eric – All joking aside, you could drop me from your mailing list and I couldn’t complain about any aspect of your product. If my memory serves me correctly you advertised a 20 yard distance gain minimally from the purchase of you system (video), and of course, doing the outlined drills, etc. I must admit I did not thoroughly read the book, nor did I watch every aspect of the video. In keeping with my lifelong ritual of never doing anything completely, I can’t say exactly how much farther I hitting the ball. What I do want to say is that I have conservatively gained 30 to 40 yards in distance. I played in a tournament last Tuesday and drove over the green on one par 4, on another that is 270 slightly uphill, I drove the ball 10 feet behind the cup and made the putt for eagle. On my home course I’m hitting the ball consistently past where my longest shots were and I’ve added distance in my irons (I’m working on that now). We have a 225 yard, par four because the green is elevated sharply about 25 feet, I’ve been hitting 3 irons on it. All I can say is thanks for rekindling my old flame, distance.

Here’s a couple of tidbits of information on me. I’ve had rotator cuff surgery on both shoulders, a three disc fusion (C5, C6 & C7) with two other discs still herniated and I’m 65 years old. I started back playing last Summer after 7 years without playing. My lack of distance prompted me to purchase your video, because frankly, I wasn’t having much fun. Your book has brought back the fun, now if I could just get off the course long enough to read the whole thing :-). Regards and my thanks” – Larry T.

Dear Eric — Instantly the game has became fun again. The consistency was amazing, both as to direction as well as trajectory and shot shape. Even the sound of the iron shots was much better. Thanks for an exciting round. I look forward to working through all the steps and drills. Greens in regulation are now the rule and not the exception. More distance, less effort, more accuracy, no sore muscles, more fun.” – Ron G., Phoenix, AZ

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The Longer You Wait, The More Your Game Will Suffer

There’s no reason to delay. The sooner you get started, the sooner your game will improve.

Gabriel M.

“My name is Gabriel and I’m a high school senior who had always struggled to have consistent distance. Some weeks I’d be killing the ball 275 yards with a little draw and I’m only 5’8, 130 pounds. But most weeks I wouldn’t be as consistent and would hit the ball all over the place when I tried to hit it hard resulting in high scores. As a result I decided to focus on hitting the ball straighter even if that meant losing 30 yards off the tee. What resulted was lower scores but there would always be these three or four holes that were longer than most holes where I would make most of my bogeys and I was stuck in the high 70’s for about two years with only two scores under par in those two years. I knew that when I shot under par it was because I was hitting the ball as straight as an arrow and making those key five to ten footers, but I knew I couldn’t keep up this kind of accuracy, that some days I would lip out those putts or not hit is as straight as those days. What I needed was to hit the ball farther to give me a chance to reach the short par 4’s with my sand wedge and the long par 4’s with my six iron instead of my hybrid.

I saw one of your free five minute videos, the main lesson being to accelerate ”after” impact. It sounded different than anything I’d ever heard before so I turned off the computer and drove as fast as I could to the golf course to see if I could get in a quick 9 holes with my friends. In the first hole, with absolutely no practice balls, I just tried the ”swoosh” drill before the tee shot and I killed my drive flying a bunker that I had never flown before. That left me with 200 yards left to a par 5 with the pin in the back. I grabbed my hybrid which is my usual 200 yard shot club and I killed it again, over the green. It was the first time I had flown the first green in my home course hitting a hybrid for my second shot. It was insane. I managed to make birdie from there and had to remind myself to take one less club for the rest of my life.

The rest of the nine hole round was a breeze, not only did I hit the ball 275 yards like I did when I played well, but I was also hitting it straighter. I made three birdies and two bogeys with one of those bogeys being a three putt due to a punched green. I shot 35 the first of many under par nines this 2011, of that I’m sure. I want to thank you for finally teaching me the real way to get distance and how to effortlessly create lag. May God Bless You.” – Gabriel M.

Marie D.

“Dear Eric,
I just got your e-book and practiced several of the exercises demonstrated on your videos the night before I played golf yesterday. I’ve been driving the ball about 190-200 yds previously, but after practicing and focusing on a few of your principles, I was driving the ball 215 yds yesterday, so I’m already happy! So I want to say thank you again. I love the simple straightforward approach of your drills and am looking forward to the results. I’m about a 6 handicap right now and know the extra distance will help me reach scratch!” – Marie D.

Bob M.

“Hi Eric, in watching your tight ankles drill video I notice you rotate the arms in the backswing and follow-through, opening and then closing the club face. I have been confused about this motion and having the left wrist flat at the top of the backswing. What one feels and sees is often deceptive. When I have the feel of letting the left arms rotate clockwise as you are doing in that drill and letting my wrist lever well at the top with a flat left wrist I feel more leverage in my left hand and arm at impact, a more solid shot and less hook (just a slight draw and a little higher ball flight). It seems to me that I may have had the club face too shut in the backswing in an attempt to get the left wrist fat at the top. Also, I never realized how much posture and balance affects how you take the club back. All these years I have tried, unsuccessfully, to take the club straighter back instead of inside too much. Since I am balanced properly as you describe with the center of mass centered over the balls of my feet, chest out (which raises the head and next automatically) and tuck my hips forward a little (neutral rather than swayback which really firms up the core), it is a piece of cake taking the club straighter back. Eric your thoughts on the swing are so simple and work so well, now I am also saying that I am surprised that more golf instructors don’t pay more attention to posture and balance. Thank you!” – Bob M.


Rick Karbowski, Champions Tour Veteran

Rick Karbowski

Champions Tour Veteran


(Click arrow to play Rick’s audio)

“Everybody wants to hit the ball farther. With this e-video book, that can be accomplished…I’m 12 to 15 yards longer on every tee shot…Eric is a Re/Max World Long Drive Champion. He knows what works…If you’ve done it, you know what to do. If you haven’t done it, you don’t know what to do. Eric has done it. And he’s a proven teacher in Northern California…The content of the book is VERY GOOD. He’s incorporated sound techniques, the drills are very easy to use, and they make it simple to follow…[My swing] has more freedom through impact. Freedom of movement equals more speed, and more speed equals more distance…It’s not how hard you swing, it’s how FAST you swing…[With this multi-media e-video book] that’s the beautiful part of it. You are swinging within yourself, and the ball is flying farther. What could be better than that?”

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You’ll Hit LONGER Drives
and Make More CONSISTENT Shots

“I just wanted to follow up with you regarding my progress while using your program. I have now been using your program for 3 months or so and I am seeing a lot of new and exciting things happening to my golf swing. I find that I am hitting all of my clubs longer and more squarely than ever before. Every shot I hit now feels like it is hitting the sweet spot and is going very straight. I am currently shopping for a new driver, so I went to the Golfsmith and they put me on the swing monitor to test my swing. My club head speed use to be about 90 mph now my club head speed is on average 110 mph. The main key for me was increasing my hip speed and reducing my grip pressure. My old swing was very arm dependent and now it feels like I can swing much faster with a lot less effort. Thank you again for your great series…” – Jorge O.
“Dear Eric — After watching your videos from the e-mails before I purchased “5 Keys to Distance” I played golf and remembered swinging without the golf ball and swinging through the ball, not hitting at the ball. I hit a number of drives that day 20 yards farther than I had been hitting. So I came home and ordered the book. I’m optimistic about increasing my distance even more by doing the exercises. Thanks.” – Larry M.
“Dear Eric — Love the program. The balance drills I’m fairly good at but can get better. The Leverage drills however has made a major league impact already in distance. Arc is something my local pro is after me about so that dovetails nicely with your program. And it helps but I need practice. I’ve always felt that my weight transfer was not what it should be and your program is putting me in the right direction that I’ve been looking for. Eric, best investment I’ve made so far in all the you know whats out there. I have an inner ear disease that makes for funny days sometimes but yesterday I played nine and was nailing my tee shots like I haven’t seen in ages. Today, the ear wasn’t cooperating. That’s the way it goes. There is always tomorrow and I haven’t been more encouraged ever…” – Peter S.
“Eric, I’ve only had my dvd’s just less than a week, and after doing these drills diligently, my swing’s finish finally looks like a finish should.  My teaching pro was always after me to “finish the swing.”  But I rarely did it correctly.  I had a perfect baseball swing growing up, and even later in life playing semi-pro ball, but I couldn’t transfer it to the golf swing.  The drill using the old shaft to use as a guide to prevent the right knee from swaying backward cured that tendency of mine in TWO SWINGS!  The pro couldn’t get me to stop doing it in ten lessons!

Thank you for creating this series, because in a very short order, LESS THAN 1 WEEK, it, and a lot of my work, you have transformed my follow through.  I’m older (62) and have to take a day off in between “drill days” so the new segments of under used muscles have a chance to recover, but I look forward to the day when the slight soreness the next day goes away and I can work on them everyday.  I really like your teaching style, as well.

Once again, thank you for convincing me to purchase your system during your promo videos. I usually do not buy instruction dvd’s but made an exception in your case.  I’m damn glad I did! Best Regards,” – Dean B.


  • Gold Level Membership
  • You get complete access to every training module, every training video, every bonus video, every download, and access to every new video and podcast posted to the Online Training Course (new content added all the time)
  • You get access to more than 60 videos packed with detailed instruction (over 43 NEW videos and drills)
  • You’ll continue to have a Free, Lifetime Membership in the exclusive 5 Keys Club, where you can interact with golfers just like you who are already adding distance to every club in their bag
  • You can download the drills, load them on your iPhone or iPad, and take them with you to the range! It’s the next best thing to having your coach right there with you!
  • You’ll be able to post questions and get answers on every single training video. PLUS you’ll pick up insights and tips from other golfers
  • More Access to Me. I’m there for you. If you ever need help or advice all you have to do is ask
  • I’ll send you an expanded series of personal emails to guide you through the course and keep you on track
  • You have my personal guarantee that your game will improve!


As Dean B said, you’ll be “Damn Glad” you got the program!


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