At the suggestion of one of our golfers (Rob Zona) I have created this testimonial page. He thought (and I agreed) that it would be fun to have a place for you to record your achievements and progress – like a “before and after” for weight loss programs. Cool idea.

So have at it.

Put your before and after story in the comment section. If you want to send a picture, like your handicap trend before and after you started with the program, or a pic of you on the fairway somewhere 50 yards past where you used to hit it, add that too. Or send me the picture at and I will feature you on this page.

If you can, tell everybody what you did and what made the biggest difference for you. Other readers will appreciate it.

Well, what are you waiting for? Your story could be here!

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  1. EricJones
    3 years ago

    Just wanted to share my story. Here is me and my before stats for testimonial section but only 1/2 the story.

    Name: Dr. Robert Zona
    Age: 46
    Height: 5’8”
    Weight: 165lbs
    Background: Played all sports growing up. Took up golf later on in life.
    Years playing golf: 5
    Clubs: Callaway XR woods, RBZ irons, Callaway wedges, Odyssey putter
    Favorite club: Driver
    Goals: Become a solid efficient ball striker. To be able to hit the shots I envision effortlessly. Become a long driver of the golf ball. To be impressive.
    Comments: I understand the goal in golf is to produce low scores and I’m all for that but for me it’s more about hitting solid shots and it all starts with the driver. I notice that if I’m driving the ball poorly I lose interest in scoring and tend not to concentrate on chips and puts. So, If I’m not hitting my clubs solid I’m just not having fun, even if I scramble and save par on some holes riddled with poor shots. I’m not satisfied playing a slice even if I wind up in the fairway or scull an iron on a par 3 five feet from the hole. I remember Wade Boggs in an interview being unhappy about a double because it spun off his bat differently then he intended. That’s the level of commitment I appreciate. I want to see all the practice and understanding of my golf swing translate into solid repeatable performance.
    Pre-program statistics:
    Handicap: 24
    Average Swing speed: 95mph (off-balance, swinging hard)
    Ball flight and path: Low, sometimes left, sometimes right
    Driver Average Distance: 230yards
    Average Swing tempo: 2.6
    Average Blast factor: 75

    Gadgets and training methods: Blast Motion swing analyzer, Orange Whip swing trainer, Eric Jones everything else