Dr. Glen Albaugh - Mental Skills Guru
Dr. Albaugh consults with PGA Tour stars and amateurs alike. Learn three critical lessons from him that will improve your game!
Dr. Glen Albaugh Interview
Albaugh Interview pt5

Dr. Glen Albaugh is a world-renowned sport psychologist. His clients include PGA Tour stars, national amateur champions, and everyday weekend warriors. In his 20+ years working with the best players in the world Dr. Albaugh has amassed an incredible repertoire of techniques and insights that will benefit golfers of any ability. As Dr. Albaugh says, the best swing you can have is “the one you trust.”

This is Part 5 of the Albaugh interview.

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  1. Dave

    Very interesting discussion. I believe I can make practices a lot more productive than in the past.

    • EricJones

      Hi Dave – The concepts in The 5 Keys To Distance and the Advanced training modules in the online course are the cutting edge training techniques used by our Olympic athletes to learn faster and learn deeper. I’m a firm believer, and it’s the only way I practice.

  2. Straightdriver

    Hi Eric

    I have just listened for the third time to these videos, where you interview Dr Glen Albaugh, and there are truly unique! Not only do we get an amazing take on the psychological aspects of the game – and I’m convinced by the saying that 90% of all golf is played out between the ears! – but also it gives us some very useful pointers for us weekend warriors. In fact it is SO enlightening that I shall be showing these to one or two golf buddies who are truly hooked on the game.

    Also may I add that no other golf coaching program I know of out there covers such a wide array of golf related aspects. Too much of these just deal with the mechancis and technique and not much more.

    I knew when I came across your program that I was heading down the right road just by the fact you were trying to address “root causes” from the outset, rather than ” Here is a quick tip/fix”. And you opening chapter on BALANCE in “The 5 keys to Distance” just set me down the right road. No golf instructor has ever taught me about balance….they merely mentioned it in passing, almost as if it was a given and assumed that we are all capable of executing the complex movement of a golf swing in perfect balance from the outset!

    Thank you so much for all your excellent, insightful and easy to comprehend teaching methods – it sets you apart from the rest !! These videos alone are just one more aspect of what makes your teaching unique.

    Keep up the good work and hope to meet you one day to personally thank you. Very best regards and good luck at Mesquite! I’m rooting for you!