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This is the WELCOME! page with an orientation to the course


This video provides an overview of each of the five key concepts for distance: Athletic Balance, Leverage, Swing Arc, Speed, and Target Focus.


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  1. Des Maslen

    Unable to download and store the video clips.. Seems as if each clip has a ‘dud’ extension which renders the ‘Save as’ function inoperable. For example a clip ends in ‘_mpv’ when it seems more logical that it should end in ‘.mp4’ or ‘.flv’. Maybe something else is getting in the way. Puzzled and frustrated.

    Des M

    • EricJones

      Thanks Des! Any time you find an issue please let me know so I can continue to upgrade the site. I’ve fixed the file extension and it should download without problem now.

  2. Frank Luchsinger

    When I go to open the balance intro acess is denied??

    • EricJones

      Hi Frank – the site is divided into Silver and Gold sections. Looks like you were accessing a video that is in the Gold section. When you have worked through the Silver program and are ready for more drills you should consider expanding your access with the Gold. But go ahead and master the 5 concepts in the Silver first.

  3. Rob de Best

    In your 5 Steps to Distance you refer to another book called “The Practice Effect…”
    I do not see that book offered on your website, and wonder if perhaps that book has become the pdf “How to practice your golf like a pro”?
    In other areas I have also seen books called “Course Management” and “Course Strategy”…or names to that effect, written by you; but there again I do not see them available.
    Have all these resources been wrapped into this program.
    I love the program, by the way. I have been to the range daily for about 9 days ( I retired recently) since becoming aware of your program, and today I really got the concept of listening to the information my body is giving me, rather than just looking at the trajectory of the ball as the sole source of information. In my opinion, this for me is a significant step forward in learning more about this wonderful life long game.
    As an aside, I also particularly enjoy the tone you have set in creating your program , which in my mind is “the pursuit of excellence”, and feel that that attitude shows thru in everything you have done here. Many thanks.
    Best regards

    • EricJones

      Hi Rob,
      Really glad you are making progress with the program. You’ve hit the nail on the head with the approach based on excellence. We call it a “mastery” approach. I believe it is very motivating to feel yourself progress or attain a new level of skill – in golf and in everything else. You’ve made tremendous progress in a short time, and learning to pay attention to what your body is telling your – building your internal awareness – is a major breakthrough that will accelerate your learning. In any learning progression, awareness is always the first step. Keeping your attention on the results is an external focus that doesn’t build awareness, and makes it hard to change. So you are on the right track, and I encourage you to keep on keeping on.
      The other books mentioned are written and soon to be released. The How To Practice book is sort of an extract from The Practice Effect, which I predict will make some major waves in the golf teaching industry, as well as your approach to learning. You are already on the path. I’ll keep everybody in the loop when the book is ready for release. The How To Practice book is available on

  4. Phil Young

    Hi Eric,

    Picked this up a couple of months ago and am starting from the beginning again. 64 year old, 5′ 1″ overweight guy, who carries a 20 GHIN index. I figured by now this would help me by getting my 75 MPH swing speed up a little and my index would come down. Bombed thru the book and vids, tried to do what you say (sort of but not really), listed to Glen’s interviews and felt that I was getting it. Last weekend, went out to a tough course (Koolau) and proceeded to lose a dozen balls and shot a 128!

    But, believe or not, I’m feeling very hopeful about your ideas and am playing a “regular” course tomorrow. I’ll try to do it as you teach and we’ll see what happens over the next few months.


  5. Dan

    Eric, I wasn’t sure how to comment on your latest newsletter article, so I’m using this venue. I just wanted to say that I really appreciated the video on visualization. Your description of the “three brains” and how they work together is easy to understand. I know when I step up to a shot and visualize where I want the ball to go, and if I can clear my mind of all chatter, the ball usually goes to my target. It’s an enjoyable way to play golf. You began your talk referencing Jack Nicholas, and the other day at my golf lesson (from a man you may know… Pat Carroll in Sacramento) my instructor told me about how Jack visualized his shots, especially through the swing and staying in the swing… allowing the ball to stay longer on the clubface and having more control over the direction of the shot. The technique of course is learned, but it’s the rehearsal and visualization that allows you to successfully implement what you have practiced. Thanks again for the instruction on “see it, feel it, do it.” We would all play better golf if we could incorporate this concept into our games.