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Welcome to the ADVANCED (Gold Level) Module.

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The Advanced module has some fantastic information that will really accelerate your learning curve. There are videos that will help you understand the learning process, videos on the Ball Flight Laws and the Physics of Distance that will help you analyze your results and ensure that you are addressing the correct issues with your game.

Pay particular attention to the Effective Practice videos, because using Random Block Practice was adapted from the best learning techniques employed by the coaching gurus who work with our Olympic athletes.

If you like what you learn in this module you may be interested in checking out my book “How To Practice Like The Pros” available HERE.

I hope you will take a few moments to leave a comment on the videos to share what you learn when you use the techniques and information in this module.

See you down the fairway!



Intro to rapid-learning techniques used by our Olympic athletes to master their sport


In this video we'll cover advanced techniques to help you practice smarter and learn a lot faster. These techniques are adapted from training methods used at the Olympic training center and are amazingly effective for golf.


This video will show you how to use common items at the range to give you feedback and improve your awareness


Using these effective practice techniques you can accomplish more in a week than most golfers do in a month. Random Block Practice is a systematic approach to rapid learning.


In this video you'll get an into to the basic physics that affect which direction your ball travels and which shape it takes


Understanding what makes your ball travel a certain direction and make a certain path are key diagnostic tools to help you narrow the focus of your practice.


A brief overview of the laws of physics as they relate to the golf swing.


Maximizing your distance means optimizing your swing for Speed, Center Contact, and ideal Angle of Approach. Let's look at the details to see how they affect your game and where you need to focus your improvement efforts!

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